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What Options Are Available for ADA-Compliant Doors?

The door hardware experts at Bloomington Security Solutions talk about making your business accessible to people with all types of ability. We discuss the options available for ADA-compliant doors so your business is accessible to everyone regardless of their ability.

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Is it Time to Change Your Safe Combination?

Bloomington Security Solutions serving the Twin Cities offers our best advice for deciding when it’s time to change your safe combination. We also explain how you can get your safe combination changed so you can rest assured knowing your precious items are secure.

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Preserving the Past

Antique door hardware is often a treasure that distinguishes historical buildings, but with use and wear these beautiful old locksets can lose functionality.

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Bloomington Security Opens Door Division

Bloomington Security Solutions is expanding again. We now have a door division.

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What You Should Look For In A Locksmithing Company

You're in need of a locksmithing company. What factors should you key in? Our experts give an in-depth guide for why Bloomington Security Solutions is your go-to locksmithing company. 

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