Small businesses owners and managers have a lot to worry about, and physical security is one of many. However, with valuable assets, employees, and property, physical security is key to protecting a small business no matter the location or type of business. At Bloomington Security Solutions, we’ve been securing small businesses in the Twin Cities for decades, and we can attest to the incredible value property security provides, and it’s so much more than a deadbolt on your front door. Here are 6 ways that you can improve the physical security of your small business:


1.      Incorporate Adequate Lighting.
Proper lighting is just as important inside of your business as it is outside. Keep the perimeter of your building well-lit and make sure there is enough light in your parking lot if you have one.


2.      Install a Video Surveillance System.
Video surveillance and monitoring systems are helpful in providing physical security for small businesses in several ways. They allow you to keep a watchful eye on who enters and exits your building, and when they do it. It can also monitor secure or more vulnerable areas of your business. Additionally, video surveillance provides documentation for security events, should you need it.


3.      Implement Keyless Entry.
Keys are easily lost, damaged, or duplicated, making them inefficient and costly. Your small business can benefit from implementing keyless access because it is incredibly versatile and reliable. It puts you in control of who moves through your business. 


4.      Create a Security Policy.
It’s important to create a small business security policy so that you, your employees, and anyone else you encounter is on the same page. This policy would include an emergency plan, detailed schedule of locking and unlocking doors and who is responsible, a list and location of all company devices, a password change policy, visitor access, and procedure for lost items or broken policies.


5.      Train Employees.
Whether you have one employee or 50, your small business security depends on your employees being well-trained. Thorough safety and policy training will help mitigate human error and keep you and your employees safe. Be sure to update employees when any changes or updates are made, in addition to regular overviews.


6.      Schedule Regular Audits.
While a big undertaking, audits are very important to maintaining security. They allow you to get a complete grasp on what is happening in your business and where there are security weaknesses. The first audit may be the most difficult as there is no precedent, but it is well worth it for the security of your small business.


If you own or operate a small business in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding Twin Cities, we can help you with physical security. Our team here at Bloomington Security Solutions will come to your business and work with you to come up with a custom security solution that fits your needs. Contact us today!