Smart buildings, in the modern world, are fully connected with smart accessories and solutions to improve efficiency, thanks to advancements in technology and the internet of things (IoT). With the new technology, it is possible to automatically control the access points of an entire building using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. IoT enables building owners to control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in order to maintain the most favorable temperatures in residential and commercial buildings in real-time.


Bloomington Security Solutions offers commercial building owners and businesses a cost-effective access control solution through intelligent key systems. Our system uses Medeco high-tech security Intelligent Keys and Intelligent Cylinders. An intelligent key system integrates smart functions into upgraded cylinders that have been retrofitted accordingly. Our unique solutions allow managers and owners of commercial buildings to utilize their existing hardware in implementing strong security protocols and access control. The intelligent key systems can connect remotely using Bluetooth connectivity and can’t be duplicated without proper clearance.


Here are the main benefits of intelligent key systems:


1.      Cost-effectiveness


You don’t have to buy new hardware or uninstall your existing hardware when you choose to implement our intelligent key systems. The installation process can be seamlessly executed by replacing the existing mechanical cylinder with our Medeco cylinder. We then issue you with smart keys for the intelligent key solution and you can start using the system immediately


2.      Accountability


It is important to know who and what goes in or out of your commercial building at all times. When you install access control systems such as an intelligent key system in your building, you can easily track in-depth access information so that you are always updated and prepared in for ay audits. Your team can program the access control systems both manually and automatically to enable control on access schedules.


3.      Track important data


You can track all the important data that is sensitive to your building or business’s operations such as deliveries and keeping full records of entries using the intelligent key system.


4.      Provide physical security


Our intelligent key systems are not only durable but can also withstand sophisticated break-in attempts. The system blocks unauthorized access and prevents the risk of stolen keys. That helps reduces the security risks that your building may be facing.


Bloomington Security Solutions is a commercial security company that has been providing locksmith and security solutions in Bloomington Minnesota and its surrounding areas since 1964. The family owned and operated business provides regional businesses and organizations with high-tech intelligent key systems and other building access control systems.


We provide other services such as installing commercial door entry systems, keyless access systems, commercial alarm systems, apartment entry systems, locksmithing services, phone entry systems, surveillance camera services, commercial door hardware, security door services, master key systems, and much more.


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