When it comes to protecting your property, you need to be able to prevent crime before it happens. In recent years, security cameras have come a long way in their ability to protect your home or business. One of the most significant advances in security is in video analytics. Video analytics uses software and algorithms to evaluate events captured on video using your security footage.


This state-of-the-art surveillance technology allows you to more closely monitor your property and stay abreast of any conditions that may indicate a possible security risk. At Bloomington Security Solutions serving Minneapolis and St. Paul, we combine video analytics with our expertise in security solutions spanning more than four decades to help you protect what is yours. Read on to learn more about how video analytics work to protect your business.


Video Analytics Basics

In the old days of video surveillance, the only way to analyze video was the old-fashioned way, with human viewers visually watching tape frame by frame. This meant security personnel was required to visually monitor the video at all times or someone would need to review it after a crime had occurred. Fortunately, with the advent of the Information Age, surveillance camera services have greatly improved.


With video analytics, video software is able to monitor many video streams all at once. Video analytics actually has a wide range of applications in many fields, using machine-based learning to trigger anomalous events, verify data, and look for patterns. Computer software continuously analyzes image feeds for risks, creating alerts when they arise.


Video analytics can identify and alert you to the following:

●        Crossing of property lines or barriers

●        Loiterers

●        Unsafe vehicles

●        Unsafe behavior

●        Illegal parking

●        Crowds and people counts


Video Analytics Alerts

When an analytics integrated system detects anomalous events, it will trigger alerts. This notifies security personnel to potential threats and alerts them that they should investigate the situation. With the right software, video analytics can even connect to other automatic processes, such as locking a door in a school automatically when a specific threat occurs. It can also automatically trigger alerts to your phone or email, allowing you to determine the best course of action going forward.


Twin Cities Surveillance Camera Services

With video analytics, a wide range of security solutions are at your disposal. Whether you need to monitor your business, our commercial video surveillance experts at Bloomington Security Solutions can help. Our commercial camera systems can help you minimize your risk while keeping your customers and employees safe. At the same time, they can save you money by cutting down on shrinkage and liability. To find out how our surveillance camera services can work to protect your business, give us a call at 952-881-0896, or contact us online.