You might have heard about your favorite restaurants touting their commitments to buying fresh foods locally. But the “Buy Local” trend isn’t just limited to fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people think of buying access control equipment from a well-known regional or national vendor has perks, but sticking with a local company offers

benefits those bigger firms are often not able to provide, including


1.      Local Expertise

Regional and national vendors have plenty of knowledge when it comes to finding the best access control system for your budget. But a vendor that’s based hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away won’t have the same knowledge of your local area’s unique needs as a locally owned and operated company.

With over 50 years of local expertise and experience, the experts at Bloomington Security Solutions know the ins and outs of the Twin Cities metro area, which allows us to provide optimal keyless access services that are tailored to your business’s location and environment.

2.      Faster Support

When there’s an urgent problem with your access control solution, waiting days, or even weeks, for a national firm’s response isn’t an option. Waiting for security help from a far-away vendor can have a devastating impact on your small business, ranging from security breaches to lost contracts and even legal action. Even a regional firm with a local office can lack the quick response of a local company you know and trust.

Buying from a local company also means buying local support. A local firm can respond faster to any issues you have with your commercial security equipment, minimizing the time your business spends vulnerable to any number of security threats.

3.      Stronger Community

Supporting local businesses also has a tremendous impact on the local economy. A number of recent studies have shown that buying from a locally-owned business keeps your hard-earned dollars circulating within the community. When local businesses have more money to make purchases from other local businesses, it makes the entire community’s economic base stronger.

These are just a few reasons why your next access control system should come from a local firm like Bloomington Security Solutions. Contact us today and see how our experts can help your Minneapolis or St. Paul business improve its physical security with our custom security solutions.