If you manage a healthcare facility, one of your biggest concerns is keeping your facility safe and secure. You might think keeping a modern healthcare facility safe means you’ll have to install a complicated security camera system and install full-time armed guards. Actually, intelligent key systems have come a long way over the years.


If you’re not familiar with how intelligent key systems work, you may be surprised at the amount of security they can offer.


At Bloomington Security Solutions, we offer several types of Medeco intelligent key systems suitable for healthcare organizations. Here are a few ways our intelligent key systems can work to promote a safer environment in your healthcare facility:


How Do Intelligent Key Systems Work?

At its most basic, an intelligent key system is just like any other key system with keys and cylinders. It fits into existing hardware in much the same way its mechanical counterparts do. However, intelligent key systems come with a level of accountability you can’t get with mechanical keys.


Intelligent keys can be audited, which means they can be scheduled, tracked, timed out, and updated, all of which can be done remotely with some systems. Intelligent key systems offer audit records of who has used each key and when it happened, which means you can better track who enters your medical facility. It also uses simple technology that works with your existing hardware system.


Here are a few ways intelligent key systems protect your healthcare facility:


1.      Better Recordkeeping

One of the biggest security risks in a health care facility is poor recordkeeping. It can be difficult to keep track of which employees have access to which areas, especially when that need for access changes frequently.


2.      Track Lost Keys

Lost keys can create a serious accountability risk for medical facilities, especially when access to proprietary facilities and information is a concern. With Medeco’s intelligent key systems, no rekeying has to take place since you can just electronically remove the lost key’s access!


3.      Access Control for Sensitive Documents

In a medical facility, you need to limit access to sensitive documents. Social security numbers, medical history, and employee information is all private and proprietary, which means you need to control who has access to these files. With intelligent systems, you’ll know exactly who accessed which areas and be able to track that data for security.


4.      Restricted Access

With intelligent key systems, you can even restrict access to certain doors or entire areas of your facility during certain times of the day, which you can’t normally do with normal keys.


Twin Cities Healthcare Access Control Systems

For modern healthcare facilities, intelligent key systems are a must. With their cloud-based ability to track data, you can move your facility’s access control into the digital age.


Whether you’re concerned about better ways to manage your information or simply tighten security as part of a complete system with commercial surveillance camera systems, we can help. Call our security and locksmith pros at 952.881.0896, or contact us to learn more about how we can help.