Whether you’re a property owner with a multi-family building to protect or you’re running a commercial business, you need to know that your assets are safe. It’s also important that the people who use your property are protected, as well.


At Bloomington Security Solutions in Minnesota, protecting commercial property is our main concern as your preferred Twin Cities commercial alarm company. We understand that every property is different, which is why your needs may be unique. Whatever your priorities, we can customize an alarm system to meet your needs and protect your property. Here are a few of the top ways an alarm system can keep your property—and those in it—safe.


1.      Door and Window Sensors

A door and window sensor is one of the first lines of protection against breaking and entering. But they can also prevent people from entering places that are off-limits on your property. If you’ve got a private area that’s not meant for the public, door and window sensors are a great way to limit who enters.


2.      Motion Detection

Motion detectors are one of the most reliable means of protecting your commercial property. If someone is in your property when they aren’t supposed to be, you’ll be alerted right away.


3.      Glass Break Detectors

If your property has glass doors or large glass windows, glass break protectors can alert you when your glass has been broken or smashed. This protects your property against breaking and entering but also alerts you to vandalism and can prevent it from becoming much worse.


4.      Advanced Monitoring

With advanced monitoring services, you’ll be alerted anywhere you go via your connected electronic device. That means even when you’re out of town, you will know exactly what’s going on with your commercial alarm.


5.      Panic Buttons

Panic buttons protect your employees and everyone in your business. With a concealed panic button, your employees can instantly alert the authorities with either an alarm sound or a silent alarm.


6.      Lock Integration

Combine your video surveillance and alarm system with a smart lock for a higher level of protection. When you see a familiar face on your device, you’ll be able to unlock your smart lock remotely from anywhere in the world. If you see someone you don’t know, you can make sure your doors are safely locked with the touch of a button. When your door locks, your integrated alarm system will arm instantly.


7.      Temperature Sensors

An alarm system can be about much more than simply monitoring for break-ins. Extreme temperature changes can be devastating to your property. Our high-temperature and low-temperature sensors alert you if there’s an extreme temperature change on your property from the moment it occurs.


8.      Remote Monitoring

With digital access to your alarm system, you can use an app to remotely monitor your property. Login anytime from anywhere in the world and check what’s going on at home.


Twin Cities Commercial Alarm System Services

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