Access control is one of the cornerstones of security in a commercial business or public facility. For facilities where tenants or residents live, it can be tricky to monitor everyone who comes and goes while still allowing residents their privacy and autonomy. In many ways, these circumstances require an extra layer of protection, but most residents do not wish to sacrifice their privacy. For these scenarios, video intercom and phone entry systems are growing in popularity because they offer an additional layer of access control.


At Bloomington Security Solutions in Minnesota, we offer complete video intercom systems as part of our access control strategy. Read on to learn how a video intercom system can work to protect your facility and its residents.


1.      They are well-suited for a wide range of facilities.

Video intercom and phone entry systems work well with many types of residences. Seniors can often struggle with visual identification and hearing, but they’re often targeted by criminals. VIdeo intercom and phone entry systems give residents in senior living centers two different ways to confirm that the person they are speaking to is who the person claims to be. They’re also a good match for multi-family units as well as apartment buildings and college housing.


2.      They can be customized for your needs.

A smaller residential facility will have different needs from a large urban apartment building. We can work with you to determine which video intercom system is the best fit for your facility. We’ll customize your system based on the number of units in your facility and walk you through any questions that might arise.


3.      Tenants feel safer.

Whether your residential facility is a gated community or a high-rise apartment building, your tenants will feel much safer if they’re able to ID their visitors. This means everyone living in your facility can feel more secure. It also means there’s no reason to worry about whether a stranger is supposed to be in your facility or is possibly engaging in criminal activity. It also means your tenants will be more trusting of their environment and their neighbors.


4.      They pair well with other security solutions.

One of the great things about access control like video intercoms is that they’re just one piece of the larger security and access picture. You can make your residents feel completely comfortable in their circumstances by combining a video intercom and phone entry system with an alarm system and video surveillance. Think of this twofold strategy as the first and second lines of defense protecting your residents around-the-clock.



Twin Cities Video Apartment Intercom Systems

Keeping your residents safe is one of your top priorities as a property manager, and it’s our area of expertise at Bloomington Security Solutions. Each facility has different security needs, which is why it’s important to work with a security team that understands how to best meet them.


With more than fifty years of security experience, our team can help you create a customized security and access control system that keeps your tenants safe. Connect with our access control systems experts by calling us at 952.881.0896, or contact us to schedule your video intercom installation.