Whether you own a business or you’re a Twin Cities homeowner, one of the biggest concerns is protecting your property from those who want to take it. When it comes to theft, break-ins can end up costing you thousands in lost property. But a break-in can end up costing you more than the property that was stolen.


When someone breaks into your home or commercial business, they often also cause significant damage to your property. Our home and commercial security team at Bloomington Security Solutions in Minnesota specialize in helping Twin Cities residents keep their property secure. In this post, we discuss how to protect your property from the common crime of breaking and entering.


Break-Ins: Common Crimes

Did you know that breaking and entering crimes have actually gone down over time? The invention of the deadbolt lock was a complete game-changer for homeowners and business owners. But there is more than one way to break into a building, and breaking and entering crimes are still one of the most common forms of theft.


Those who break into a home or business are looking for easy cash, which means they don’t care about the damage they do in the process. In many cases, criminals will have no problem breaking a door or window. This can end up costing you significantly as a homeowner or business owner.


Keeping Criminals at Bay

Every day, thousands of American homes are victimized due to breaking and entering crimes. These criminals typically look for a home or place of business where they can easily access through a point of entry. The goal of a breaking and entering crime is to get in and out of a home or business as quickly as possible.


That means that if given the chance, most criminals are going to choose the building or home that looks like they can easily move in and out with as much property as possible. The good news is that this also means criminals are frequently deterred by difficulty accessing a home or business. After all, no one wants to get caught.


Creating a Strategic Plan

The key to protecting your property is creating a strategic approach to protection. A comprehensive approach to protecting property is far more likely to keep make potential thieves think twice before doing something to get caught.


Whether you’re a small business owner or a general manager, keeping your business safe should be a cornerstone of your operating procedures. If you’re not sure where to begin, our commercial security team can visit your operation and perform a security audit. We’ll assess your needs and make recommendations based on our observations.


A strategic security approach should consider adding these layers of protection:


●        A safe system for storing valuables and important documents

●        Video surveillance

●        Access control

●        An alarm system

●        More secure door hardware


Thieves Hate Alarm Systems

Having an alarm system installed will cause any potential criminal to take pause before breaking and entering your property. For someone who wants to smash and grab, an alarm system is a guaranteed way to draw unwanted attention.


One of the great things about installing an alarm system to protect your property is the flexibility in options. We can completely customize your alarm system based on your property and needs.


With these benefits, you’ll be completely in control of what happens on your property:


●        Open and close reporting

●        Responsiveness

●        High and low-temperature sensors

●        Window and door sensors

●        Panic buttons

●        Glass break detection system


Criminals Don’t Want to Get Caught on Camera

Today’s cameras have better definition and clarity than ever before, and they help the police help criminals every day. A camera is a powerful deterrent to break-ins for both commercial property and in a residence.


Anyone with a mindset for crime is more likely to move on to a much easier target and pick a space they can get in and out of undetected. That means if they are given the choice between a building or home with a camera and one without one, thieves are most likely going to choose the space without a camera. Add digital integration for an extra layer of protection. Harness the power of the Digital Age to help your loved ones and your property stay safe.


With these features, you’ll be confident your property is safe from anywhere in the world:


●        Video analytics

●        Remote access

●        High definition images


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Maybe you’re concerned about keeping your family safe. Or perhaps you just want to make sure your commercial property is protected around the clock. Whatever your reasons, if security is at the forefront of your mind, so should protecting your home or business from burglars.


At Bloomington Security Solutions, we offer a wide range of proven break-in deterrents to keep your property safe. From locksmithing services to access control, we’ve got you covered. Speak with a member of our team by calling us at 952.881.0896, or contact us to get a security audit and schedule your alarm and video installation.