For businesses, churches, and other institutions in the Bloomington area, security is one of the most important issues they’ll address. When it comes to creating a solid security plan for your organization, there are plenty of important steps you can take. A comprehensive approach to security will most likely include some sort of video surveillance, alarm system, and entry access limitation.


When it comes to protecting your organization and everyone in it, your first line of defense is controlling points of entry. At Bloomington Security Solutions, we work with Minnesota businesses, churches, and nonprofits to help create a comprehensive security plan that includes effective access control. In this post, we’ll talk about intelligent key systems and how they work to protect your commercial business or organization.


What is an Intelligent Key System?

Put simply, an intelligent key system is a cost-effective and efficient form of access control for commercial businesses and organizations. They work by integrating smart functions into the key system. These intelligent cylinders are upgraded from existing ones, allowing business owners to keep existing hardware but gain access control. They can be programmed to connect to most smart devices via a Bluetooth or wifi connection using a downloadable app.


Intelligent key systems typically work well for smaller organizations because they can provide an audit trail that helps mitigate losses in the long run. Additionally, keyless access control requires a significant installation overhaul. Intelligent key systems, on the other hand, can be installed much more quickly and easily.


Medeco High-Security Intelligent Keys and Cylinders

At Bloomington Security Solutions, we are proud to partner with Medeco in offering high-security intelligent key systems. Medeco intelligent solutions are ideal for smaller businesses and mid-sized businesses alike.


With Medeco smart keys, business owners and managers gain access to the doors they need access to at the touch of a button on their phone or other digital application. Medeco key systems are perfect for integration into an overall security protocol. This is because they are extremely difficult to duplicate, which means your business is protected.


Benefits of Medeco Commercial Door Entry Systems

Using an intelligent key system can bridge the security gap between the needs of small businesses and the expense of more advanced security approaches. Here are just a few advantages of Medeco key systems:


1.      They can be easily expanded as you grow.

Having a flexible security system allows you to expand without having to invest in an entirely new security approach. Simply contact your trusted commercial lock company with a request for additional keys and cylinders. You’ll be able to program them as needed with very little disruption.


2.      You control access from anywhere.

The needs of your business can change unexpectedly, and that means you may need to alter an employee’s access rights at some point. Even if you’re out of the office or away on business, the keyholder can control and alter access using Bluetooth. If your employee contacts you while you are away to tell you that he or she needs access to a new door, this access can be changed in moments, leaving you free to handle other things.


3.      You can schedule access.

If you only wish to allow access to specific doors or buildings at certain times, you can easily schedule this using your smart functions. This allows you greater control over access to the premises.


4.      You can easily address lost keys.

Even for small businesses, lost keys represent security risks. For many smaller organizations, however, the only viable solution for a lost key is to simply replace it and hope for the best or change the locks entirely and replace everyone’s keys. With an intelligent key system, however, the moment a key manager becomes aware of a lost key, they can revoke key access. This can be done from anywhere via the Medeco app. Simply select the lost key in the app, then revoke or change access rights for the key.


5.      You can rekey electronically.

The decision to rekey your points of entry can be expensive and time-consuming. With a Medeco intelligent key system, however, all of your organization’s doors can be easily rekeyed using Medeco’s cloud-based software.


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For Twin Cities small and mid-sized business owners, implementing a good security plan is fundamental to protecting your investment. Controlling access is a key part of that plan for keeping both your property and the people inside it safe. Because every business is different, we’ll work with you to help you choose the best access system for your organization’s needs.


At Bloomington Security Solutions, we can help you create a comprehensive approach to your organization’s security needs no matter how large or small your business. We can also install alarm systems, video surveillance, and additional security solutions. Speak to a member of our security team about your security needs by calling us at 952.881.0896, or contact us to set up your security consultation.