With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s already time to start planning for your store’s holiday shopping season. From Black Friday to the Christmas crunch, the holidays mean a huge increase in business for most Twin Cities businesses. But with all of that increased business comes an increase in the chance of property loss or vandalism. That’s why it’s important to have a comprehensive approach to security in place before the holiday season arrives each year.


At Bloomington Security Solutions in Minneapolis, we offer a wide range of security solutions from video surveillance to alarm systems. In this post, we’ll discuss how we can help you protect your Twin Cities commercial storefront this holiday season.


Preparing for the Holiday Business Boom

Many business owners begin planning their holiday sales and promotions much earlier in the year. For many Minnesota businesses, the holiday shopping season is one of the busiest and most profitable times of year. In fact, the two-month period that takes place from November through December can represent more than a third of a store’s annual retail transactions.


In addition to the increase in sales and profit, the holiday season also represents an opportunity to attract new customers to your base and close sales. That’s why the holidays are an ideal time to invest in your business.


Increases in Business Mean Increases in Theft

Although holiday shoppers mean an increase in profits, the boost in business brings an inevitable increase in criminal risk as well. One of the greatest holiday risks most retail establishments face is due to shoplifters. Each holiday season, millions of dollars in losses due to shoplifting occur across the United States.


In addition, the holidays also carry an increased risk of shrinkage due to dishonesty among employees. Increased pressures of holiday expenses combined with extra traffic provide the perfect opportunity for many employees to take advantage of their positions. That’s why it is important for retail establishments to prioritize increased security when they’re planning for increased sales throughout the winter holidays.


Reducing Employee Theft

Theft perpetrated by retail employees can add up to bigger overall losses than shoplifting theft. Many stores increase their staff size through the holiday season by adding temporary hires to their payroll. Hiring temporary staff comes with an increased risk, however.


One of the keys to reducing internal loss due to dishonest employees is deterring theft by increasing accountability. Adding comprehensive surveillance measures helps reduce internal shrinkage and reduce overall theft-related financial losses. If something does end up missing, you’ll be able to determine exactly who had access to which section of the store at what times.


Customizing Your Surveillance Plan

Seasoned security professionals can work with you to help you develop a surveillance strategy that is uniquely suited to your business. Depending on the size of your business, the type of merchandise you carry, and your store’s layout, the surveillance option that works best for your store can be customized. Video surveillance solutions also protect your customers and employees from external threats.


Video technology can also help you reduce your expenses in other ways. When employees are aware that they are under surveillance, they are also more likely to demonstrate increased performance and attention to safety protocols.


These are a few of the features we can incorporate into your surveillance plan:


●       Analog Cameras - This traditional video surveillance technology is both versatile and affordable.

●       Digital IP Cameras - With digital camera technology, your focus on security has never been clearer. Digital technology integrates high-definition images and a wider view so nothing is left to chance.

●        Video Analytics - With advanced video analytics, you’ll receive digital alerts immediately based on certain events.

●        Digital Applications - Take advantage of digital technology to check on your store from anywhere in the world at any time using a mobile app. With wireless technology, you’ll be able to log on and monitor your store’s live video feed or check video recordings remotely even when you’re away from your store.


Additional Security Measures

In addition to video camera surveillance, we can integrate a number of other security protocols into your holiday security plan. We’ll assess your existing security measures and determine any potential points of weakness, examining both access control and internal security.


A complete security plan may include a combination of these measures:


●        Access control solutions

●        Updated safe technology

●        Door replacement

●        Motion detectors

●        Window and door sensors

●        Panic buttons


Contact our Bloomington Commercial Security Company this Holiday Season

The best time to think about creating a holiday security plan is before the season kicks into full swing. Our seasoned security experts at Bloomington Security Solutions can work with you to assess your establishment’s security needs and create a plan that is uniquely tailored.


From alarm systems to video surveillance, we help you protect your business so you can focus on having a great holiday season. To connect with a member of our security team, call us at 952.881.0896, or contact us to schedule a consultation.