The holiday season is a special time for the church. From the hanging of the greens to holiday services, Christmas time brings more parishioners back into the fold than any other time of year with the exception of Easter. That’s why it’s more important than ever to protect your congregation and church property. As the leadership of your church, protecting your flock is a powerful responsibility that few take lightly.


As you begin to assess and reconsider your congregation’s security plan, having an experienced team of church security experts behind you can be crucial. That’s where our   Bloomington Security Solutions in Minneapolis come in. We can help you create a comprehensive security plan from alarm systems to video surveillance. In this article, we’ll share some important steps to take when protecting your church.


Protecting Your Ministry

As a church leader or minister, chances are you’re focused on meeting your congregation’s spiritual needs most of the time. But it’s also important to protect your church in the earthly realm. The command to watch over your congregation is a Biblical one, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of church security.


Unfortunately, in recent years, crime against places of worship has been on the rise across denominations and geographical locations. In a time when churches are at risk of violent acts, ministers should be especially vigilant in protecting their congregations.


Here are a few steps you can take to protect your congregation in these uncertain times:


1.      Have a Professional Security Assessment

No matter how large or small your church is, your security needs will change over time. It’s important to change your approach to those needs as they arise. By having a professional security assessment each year, you can get a clear picture of key areas that need to be addressed. We’ll look over your ministry’s points of access and make recommendations on upgrades that will be a good fit for your budget, size, and security needs.


2.      Install a Professional Alarm System

An effective alarm system is a key deterrent to vandalism, property theft, and other risks to your congregation and property. We offer around-the-clock monitoring services to prevent burglaries and theft. Protect every area of your church including all access points, sanctuaries, hallways, offices, and children’s areas.


With our advanced monitoring solutions, you can stay in touch with your alarm system through security alerts on your phone or device. You’ll even get notifications when you’re out of town on mission trips or retreats. We’ll provide you with an audit of when your alarm was turned on and off each day so you can stay completely apprised of what’s happening in your place of worship.


3.      Install a High-Performance Surveillance System

In the past, smaller churches often faced financial barriers to installing quality surveillance systems in their buildings. However, today’s camera systems are more affordable than ever before. At Bloomington Security Solutions, we offer a wide range of commercial surveillance camera systems to meet the needs of any church or congregation size no matter how large or small your facilities are.


We can help you choose the features that will work best for your church’s security needs. We offer IP camera system installation for high-definition or analog systems for a more budget-friendly but nonetheless versatile option. Finally, video surveillance and video analytics can help you get a complete picture of your entire property through our alert system.


4.      Create a Comprehensive Security Approach

Every church needs to expect the best but create a well-considered security plan. For many churches, this means creating a dedicated security ministry to minister to the security needs of your congregation. Your security ministry should keep a record of every security event that takes place on your property.


This includes reports of theft or vehicle burglary on the church site as well as medical emergencies no matter how minor they might have seen. You’ll want to document the date and time the incident took place, who was involved, witness contact information, location, and a summary detailing what happened using a standardized form. This can also help protect your ministry from litigation down the road.


5.      Prepare for a Security Emergency

As difficult a subject as it is to address, it’s important to make sure your church has planned for all eventualities, and that includes an active shooter scenario. Your parishioners depend on you to protect them when they’ve come to worship, and it’s the church’s responsibility to prepare for emergencies.


Create an evacuation plan in all of your church classrooms, and take time to cover all emergency drills. You should also keep fire equipment and other safety and first aid supplies on hand. In the event of a lockdown or dangerous weather event, make sure you have staff or church members who have been trained for emergency scenarios. You’ll also want to make sure every staff member knows where the panic buttons are and how lockdown procedures work.


Let Our Commercial Security Company Create Your Church Security Plan

When you create a comprehensive security plan for your church, you’re taking important steps to keep everyone safe. At Bloomington Security Solutions, we’re experienced in offering security options customized to fit all sizes of facilities and organizational structures.


Whether you’re in need of a commercial lock company or surveillance camera services, we’re here to help you protect your flock. To schedule your ministry’s security assessment, call us at 952.881.0896, or contact us to discuss the options that will work best for your church.