When it comes to securing your commercial facility, you want to make sure you’re investing in a product that will offer complete security to protect the people and property within it. One of the best tools we offer at Bloomington Security Solutions to keep your organization safe is found in Medeco High Security Keys and Locks. Medeco has been producing high-security retrofitted security options for more than five decades. Medeco specializes in producing locks that are resistant to picking and drilling.


At Bloomington Security Solutions, we’re proud to partner with Medeco to help meet your organization’s unique security needs. In this article, we’ll talk about what makes Medeco locks stand out as a security solution.


Introducing Medeco

The Medeco company originated in a small Virginia town in the basement machine shop of an engineer named Roy Spain. Spain called his company Mechanical Development Company, a name that would later be shortened and reimagined as Medeco. Among his inventions was a type of highly secure lock designed to be incredibly difficult to pick. This locking cylinder included a key made with angled cuts which gave the lock its added level of security.


Although this lock would revolutionize the security industry, it didn’t take off until a decade later when Spain’s new product was patented as a pick-resistant lock under the new name. Over the next few decades, these high-security locks would become known worldwide as some of the best locks in the industry.


Medeco locks are used around the globe within a wide range of industries and organizations like these:


●        Schools and higher learning institutions

●        Retail stores and operations

●        Government facilities

●        OEM manufacturers

●        Industrial facilities

●        Commercial businesses

●        Utility companies

●        Property management

●        Multi-family apartments and condos

●        Churches and nonprofit organizations


The Medeco Difference

Although Medeco has expanded significantly over the decades, their locks are still manufactured in the town they were first invented in. But don’t expect the same simple basement lab. Medeco has continued to maintain its technological edge, staying at the top of the high-security lock game.


In addition to high-security locks and keys, Medeco also offers intelligent key systems. The Virginia facility is highly automated and incredibly sophisticated, which is an ideal space for manufacturing highly secure mechanical lock technology. Medeco’s lock manufacturing method prioritizes innovative design, sophisticated development, powerful security, sustainability, and cost-effective approaches to design.


How Medeco Keys Protect Your Organization

The standout design of Medeco’s mechanical locks is known for its high level of resistance to any attempts at disruption. Medeco is primarily known for its resistance to picking and drilling attempts. However, the Medeco design is also meant to provide resistance to other forms of physical attack and bumping. Finally, Medeco locks are able to resist unwanted attempts at key duplication.


In addition to Medeco’s mechanical locks, their intelligent key systems offer auditing and scheduling capabilities married with the powerful force of the original lock design. Intelligent key systems are designed to be retrofitted into your organization’s existing hardware.


Standout Innovation for High-Security Locks

One of the most standout qualities from Medeco locks is the high level of testing used to measure their resistance to infiltration attempts. Every test Medeco locks are exposed to is designed with the purpose of measuring the locks’ resistance to physical attacks.


During the testing phase, Medeco locks are checked for resistance to sawing, forcing, pulling, prying, and plug driving. Corrosion resistance is also tested using a salt fog chamber. Most other lock cylinders available on the market do not face such rigorous testing or meet Medeco standards. Medeco locks, on the other hand, regularly exceed those standards.


Types of Medeco locks:


●        High Security Cam Locks - Medeco’s 3/4-inch diameter cam locks employ stainless steel inserts for a high level of defense against vandals. Cam locks also use key control programs to provide added resistance against duplication and can be master keyed, keyed different, or keyed alike.


●        Deadbolts - Medeco deadbolts are available in a wide range of solutions including high-security, key control, and Intelligent key products. These deadbolts are designed to prevent unauthorized entry by combining innovation and strength.


●        Rim and Mortise Cylinders - Medeco rim and mortise cylinders are adaptable and retrofittable cylinder formats available in classic cylinders or eCylinder solutions.


The Twin Cities Commercial Security Company to Count on for Medeco Locks

At Bloomington Security Solutions, we’re experienced in connecting Twin Cities businesses, churches, and multi-tenant buildings with the right commercial security solutions. Our commercial lock company experts are proud to partner with Medeco for the best locks in the industry.


In addition to locks, we offer surveillance camera services, safes, and alarms and can customize your security approach based on your organization’s unique needs. We can also help with keyless access, phone entry systems, door hardware, and intercoms. To discuss your security concerns, call us at 952.881.0896, or contact us to see our selection of Medeco high-security locks.