When you’re in charge of managing a commercial property, one of your foremost concerns is going to be minimizing risk while maximizing security. Each property faces its own unique needs and risks based on its purpose, location, hours of operation, and many other factors. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that no cookie-cutter solution will work just as well for every commercial property. The best approach will blend innovation with a strategy to create a security solution that’s uniquely tailored to a commercial property.


At Bloomington Security Solutions, we’re a Twin Cities commercial security company that specializes in helping address commercial security needs. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about the main concerns for commercial properties and how we can help you address them.


Understanding Your Commercial Property Management Security Needs

When considering the security concerns of a property you manage, it’s important to first consider the main source of security problems you plan to encounter. If your building is open to the public, you’ll face a different set of security risks than if it’s open only to employees and contractors. It’s also important to consider the assets you’ll be protecting.


One of the most common security risks most properties face today relates to the possibility of workplace violence or armed intruders. Some buildings will also face concerns related to vandalism, loitering, and theft depending on their location. Addressing all of those challenges means creating a comprehensive approach to security that takes every concern into account. 


Here are a few risk assessment questions to consider:

●        What is the likelihood of a security incident occurring?

●        What assets are you protecting?

●        What are your primary security concerns?

●        What security concerns have nearby properties faced?


Developing a Strategy

Once you’ve done a risk assessment, it’s important to think about the value of the property you’re securing in relationship to the budget you’ve set aside to work with. One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is underestimating the level of protection they need.


If you’re saving in the short term, it doesn’t do you much good when your losses outweigh those savings. At the same time, you want to spend your security investment on protecting the most important security concerns. It’s also important to assess the current state of your organization’s security and address any potential weaknesses.


Implementing Security Solutions

There are a number of security options that can be combined depending on your commercial property needs. In addition to procedural issues like designated parking and lighting solutions, you’ll need to decide which technology solutions will help protect your business and its patrons.


At Bloomington Security Solutions, we can combine the following solutions to help you create a unique plan designed to meet your property’s needs:


●        Video Surveillance- We can install analog or IP camera systems to give you the surveillance you need to protect your property. With digital surveillance solutions, you’ll have the power to access video footage from anywhere whether you’re off-property or on-property.

●        Access Control- By combining locks and access control equipment, you can control exactly who has access to your property at any given time.

●        Intelligent Lock and Key Systems- With advanced lock solutions, you’ll be able to guard against unauthorized duplication and rekey any lock from on or off-property.

●        Hardware Upgrades- Emergency exit devices, handicap door operators, and unit door closers make your property safer while remaining ADA-compliant.

●        Alarm Systems- Advanced alarm technology with monitoring gives your property a higher level of protection.

●        Safe Services- If you need to store hazardous items or have sensitive information that needs to be kept in a safe, we can help. We can also update or repair your existing safe.

●        Video Intercom Systems- A video intercom system is a must for a highly secure environment such as a government agency, allowing you to limit access to certain areas.


Unique and Customized Security Approaches

At Bloomington Security Solutions, we specialize in tailoring security approaches based on the needs of each property we work with. Our family-owned and operated security experts have been assessing the security needs of properties across many industries for more than five decades.


We understand that the needs of a retail store operation will be different from those of a government facility. We work with learning institutions, property management, utility companies, OEM manufacturers, and a wide range of commercial properties to create custom security plans.


The Twin Cities Commercial Security Company You Trust

Whether you’re just getting your startup off the ground or you’re about to expand, don’t take a chance with your security. Keep your employees and patrons safe by creating a security plan that integrates the best security innovations available today.


Our security experts at Bloomington Security Solutions are eager to discuss your security concerns. Give us a call at 952.881.0896, or contact us to discuss your property’s security needs.