When you’re in charge of security in the industrial sector, the range of threats to your organization’s property and workers is vast. News stories about disgruntled workers forcing their way onsite, concerns about theft, and the threat of corporate espionage are all sizable concerns for today’s industrial security teams. When it comes to protecting your organization’s assets and employees, today’s industrial security managers need to prepare for any scenario. Central to a strong security plan is a multi-faceted approach that combines access control and intelligent security solutions that integrate the best and latest in security technology.


At Bloomington Security Solutions, our seasoned commercial security experts work with industrial security teams across the Twin Cities region to secure their facilities. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how we help industrial security teams meet the changing security challenges they face in today’s world.


Beyond Traditional Security Solutions

Security management teams of the past relied on simple solutions because they often faced simple challenges. Many industrial organizations faced simple security threats like property theft, and simple analog solutions were often the answer. A good fence combined with a padlock was not an uncommon approach to security in some facilities, especially when a security guard was onsite.


But in today’s world, the threats to industrial organizations are much larger and more complex. Whether your concerns include protecting proprietary information or safeguarding your facilities against attacks, integrating analog approaches with technology is fundamental. That’s where our team at Bloomington Security Solutions comes in.


Here are four of the top security concerns for industry:


●        Employees

●        Assets

●        Facilities

●        Data

Anticipating Industrial Security Threats

As you create a security plan for your organization, you’ll need to first assess the potential threats your organization faces. One of the highest concerns facing industrial companies is theft or criminal activity. Vandalism is also a common concern for most industrial organizations.


Perhaps one of the most concerning and least predictable security threats is that of workplace violence due to a disgruntled employee. When economic downturns arise resulting in layoffs, the threat of this type of workplace violence becomes increased. Finally, terrorism which targets the national infrastructure is a growing concern for private industry as well as the public sector.


Mitigating Security Threats

Your first line of defense for any security threat is to control access to your premises. Make sure everyone on the premises can be easily identified and tracked and only approved individuals are onsite. You can also control access in certain areas of your facilities using intelligent key systems. This solution can limit general access to higher security areas of a site—for example, where important data or power generators are stored.


It’s important to determine which areas on your site should be access-limited and integrate this into your security approach. In addition to access control, cameras can help you monitor high-security areas and retrace access if a security threat is identified.


Protecting Your Facilities

Our team of industrial security experts at Bloomington Security Solutions can coordinate with your security management team to create a customized approach to managing your security. A good approach will help keep your employees safe and protect visitors to your site as well. We’ll consider outside security threats as well as internal ones including theft, vandalism, and violence.


We work with a wide range of industries, including:


●        Chemical plants

●        Public utilities

●        Manufacturing plants

●        Construction zones

●        Industrial properties


Creating a Comprehensive Approach to Security

The best security approach for your organization will integrate the right technology or technologies into your organization’s security based on your unique needs. Our Bloomington Security Solutions team can work with you to determine the right combination based on your security assessment or help you perform a security assessment if needed.


We offer the following security solutions:


●        Surveillance Camera Services- A good analog or IP camera system can help you get a clear picture of what’s happening onsite at all times. Cameras are an excellent deterrent to crime as well as a useful tool in prosecuting criminals and recovering property.


●        Keyless Access Services and Access Control- Whether your facilities are large in scale or you’re in charge of a smaller site, access control is a must for controlling who is on your property. We offer several customized access control solutions.


●        Customized Locksmithing Systems- From advanced master key systems to high-performance padlocks, our commercial lock company pros can help you customize a lock system for your facility and employees. We bring more than five decades of locksmithing expertise to the table when helping you make the important decisions about replacing and installing locks.


●        Intelligent Keys- In addition to traditional and master key systems, intelligent security systems are one of the best lines of defense available for industrial security. At Bloomington Security Solutions, we are licensed as a Medeco intelligent key system center.


●        Alarms- A commercial alarm system is a necessity in the modern age. Alarms help to deter crime and operate as a first line of defense to protect against intrusion and property loss. With the ability to monitor your alarm system from a device anywhere in the world, you’ll be the first to know if there’s a security incident.


●        Door Hardware Upgrades- Door closers, control gates, and emergency exit devices all help protect your employees and visitors to your facilities. Our security door services help you ensure ADA compliance as we help you address your door hardware upgrade needs.


The Twin Cities Industrial Security Company You Trust

No matter how big or small your organization, it’s important to create an approach that’s tailored to your security needs. At Bloomington Security Solutions, we bring decades of experience as a seasoned commercial security company to every job.


From commercial alarm systems to access control systems, we’re here to help with all of your industrial security concerns. Speak to a member of our team by calling 952.881.0896, or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our security pros today.