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Commercial Locksmith and Security Solutions in the Twin Cities

Bloomington Security Solutions provides expert commercial locksmithing services that are custom tailored security solutions to businesses and organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We have gained the trust of business owners and property managers by offering practical solutions in the Twin Cities for over 50 years. We are honored to serve our customers.

Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Rekeying
    Our experienced team can save you time, money, and stress with our rekeying services. This process saves your existing hardware while rendering all previous keys obsolete, while using your existing locks. Our mobile fleet can do rekeying on site, or for DIY people, bring your lock to us. Rekeying is an important safety step for any operation using keys and experiencing turnover or lost and stolen keys. Ask us about upgrading your current locks to keys that cannot be made without your knowledge.
  • Master Key Systems
    Maintain control of access to your business, organization, or property with a master key system from Bloomington Security Solutions. We can create a custom master key system that controls which areas of your facility people can access, while keeping them out of unauthorized areas. Our systems are designed for your future growth and changes.
  • Electronic Hardware Installation
    Controlling where employees can go within your organization comes with many options, whether you need audit trails, time zones, and easy methods of managing employees, we will help you determine the electronic lock for your situation. We provide complete installation, operation training, and system maintenance.
  • Intelligent Key Systems
    With intelligent key systems, the newest technology stores the information in the key offering a cost-effective access control system for your business or organization. Intelligent key systems avoid the installation of readers, controllers, electric strikes, and power supplies, all wired to a central point. Ask us how you can convert your lock by just replacing the cylinder into a complete access system without adding equipment and wiring to the door.
  • General Locksmithing Services

    From providing and replacing all types of door hardware to duplicating traditional keys, we can help you with any lock hardware issue you have. General locksmithing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Rekeying your current locks to new keys using existing locks
  • Upgrading locks and safe repair to the latest features, designs, color, and standards
  • Safe cracking and combination changes
  • Upgrading safe dials to keypads
  • Keyed Deadbolts and latch locks replaced with push button locks
  • Padlocks keyed in groups or keyed to current house keys.
  • Key cabinets and storage boxes to help manage your keys

Bloomington Security Solutions is a Medeco Security Center

Medeco Security Centers are an elite group of Medeco and Arrow dealers located throughout the United States and Canada, chosen for their professional business practices, experience, and desire to lead in educating customers about security risks and solutions. At a Medeco Security Center like Bloomington Security Solutions, you will find knowledgeable, highly trained technicians who provide sound security advice, top-notch service, and genuine expertise.

Experienced. Trained. Qualified.
Medeco Security Center partners go through extensive locking hardware training learning the proper use for the different types of locking hardware available and their correct installation methods. You are guaranteed an extremely qualified team of professionals who are able to share their expertise and improve the safety and security for our customers.

Medeco High Security Locks—The Best in the Business
Medeco High Security locks are simply the best way to control the unauthorized duplication of your keys. The patented protected locking system guarantees no other blank manufacturers can produce their blanks while Medeco controls the distribution of blanks only to authorized dealers. The double locking principles built into their design assures you the best protection against being picked or bumped. This means that keys can only be duplicated by us, which adds another solid, reliable layer of security for your building.

Everyday Security Solutions | Safety You Can Count On

When you are selecting a commercial security company, you want experts who understand all the options electronic and mechanical systems have to offer. At Bloomington Security Solutions, not only are we experts in our field, we provide unmatched customer service as well. We’ve served the Twin Cities for decades, and our customers trust us to provide everyday solutions, services, and products to get the job done right the first time.

Bloomington Security Solutions is a family owned and operated full-service locksmith and provider of electronic systems in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. We service the entire Twin Cities metro area with commercial and residential locksmithing services. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you protect your property, your business, your employees, and more.

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